Mission & Purpose

RePower South’s vision is to live in a world where a zero waste philosophy and environmental sustainability are not abstract ideals, but practical ways of living. We look to partner with communities to transform their resource life cycles. RePower South can provide communities with more responsible methods of disposing waste and generating energy. Working with our Licensor Accordant Energy, LLC and other partners we utilize proprietary licensed processes that allow us to recover, recycle and reuse materials found within the municipal waste stream that otherwise end up in landfills.

RePower South captures and recycles 90% or greater of all of a community’s recyclable materials. RePower South recovers non-recyclable fibers and polymers for the production of ReEngineered Feedstock, a renewable energy source used by utilities and industrial customers to generate heat and electricity. The proprietary technology and processes transform communities by dramatically reducing waste that ends up in landfills, dramatically improving local air quality and reducing local carbon footprint.