Accordant Energy, LLC is a fuel technology company offering an innovative, renewable fuel, ReEngineered Feedstock, to enable cleaner coal power generation with improved environmental performance.  Accordant Energy is developing ReEngineered Feedstock manufacturing facilities and working with a network of licensees to deploy the ReEngineered Feedstock technology.  Accordant Energy's technology offers communities and utilities reliable, renewable, lower carbon renewable fuel; cost effective, easy-to-deploy emissions compliance; and increased recycling, recovery, and solid waste diversion.

Accordant Energy History:  In 2011, ReCommunity Recycling, the largest independent recycling company in the U.S., acquired certain recycling and ReEngineered Feedstock intellectual property from Casella Waste Systems, Inc., a publically traded solid waste and recycling company, and created what is now Accordant Energy, LLC in July 2012. Accordant was created to continue the mission of developing an engineered fuel feedstock derived from municipal solid waste.  In August 2013, Accordant was divested from ReCommunity and is now managed by former leaders of ReCommunity who bring deep experience in the recycling, energy, and solid waste industries.

In 2011-2012, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) promulgated rulemakings determining whether a material that was once discarded should be considered a fuel or a solid waste when combusted.  Accordant has demonstrated to the satisfaction of the EPA that ReEngineered Feedstock should be classified as a non­-waste fuel product under the Non-Hazardous Secondary Materials (NHSM) regulations (40 CFR Part 241).  NHSM regulations identify which non-hazardous secondary materials are, or are not, solid wastes when combusted.1

In a letter dated August 24, 2012 issued to ReCommunity, the predecessor legal entity of Accordant Energy, EPA considered this NHSM fuel, ReEngineered Feedstock, a non­ waste fuel under the 40 part 241 regulations and as a non-waste fuel ReEngineered Feedstock can be co-fired in an existing coal-fired boiler without triggering applicability of the solid waste or hazardous waste incineration rules.

To be designated a non-waste fuel, the regulations require  that the processing of NHSM meeting the definition  of "processing" in 40 CFR 241.2; and that after processing, the NHSM also meets the legitimacy criteria for fuels in 40 CFR 241.3 (d)(l). Legitimacy criteria in 40 CFR 241.3(d)(1) must include: (1) material must be managed at a valuable commodity; (2) the material must have a meaningful heating value and be used as a fuel in a combustion unit that recovers energy; and (3) the material  must contain contaminants at levels comparable to or less than those in traditional fuels which the combustion  unit is designed to burn.