What We Do

RePower South is an advanced recycling, recovery and reuse company that transforms communities by developing and implementing more responsible ways of disposing waste and generating energy.


1) RePower South transforms communities by dramatically reducing the amount of municipal solid waste that ends up in landfills.

Currently, most communities recycle less than 20% of residential and commercial waste streams with the majority of waste ending up in landfills. The main reasons for this are that a) recycling programs are expensive and reach only a portion of residential and commercial generation, and b) to date, there has been no beneficial use for the non-recyclable balance of the waste. RePower South delivers a solution for both.

The current rate of recycling (less than 20% for most communities) can be attributed to the high cost to collect and process the municipal waste stream, and the burden on citizens and businesses to separate waste from recyclables (if recycling collection is available to that community.) RePower South alleviates this burden and the cost of separating recyclables by processing the municipal waste stream through its multi-material processing platform (MMPP). The MMPP allows RePower South to recover nearly all recyclable material with a 90% or greater rate, and simplifies the process, and reduces the cost, for all parties involved.

RePower South’s MMPP further increases waste diversion by recovering non-recyclable papers, plastics and select organics from the waste stream. RePower South is able to create ReEngineered Feedstock from this material. Between this and the recycling process described above, RePower South is able to divert 70% or more of a community’s residential and commercial waste stream away from landfills.


2) RePower South dramatically improves local air quality by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and substantially reducing harmful emissions produced by local coal-fired electric generation and industrial customers.

RePower South’s licensed technology, ReEngineered Feedstock, created from non-recyclable fibers, plastics and select organics, and is a renewable fuel specifically engineered to be co-fired with coal. The ReEngineered Feedstock reduces the coal consumed in electricity generation and industrial customers, and significantly reduces the harmful emissions of the coal it is co-fired with, substantially reducing plant emissions. 

Watch this video to see our process in action…