RePower South (RPS) is an advanced recycling, recovery and renewable energy company, helping transform our communities toward a sustainable waste and energy future. It recovers up to 90 percent of recyclable materials from the waste stream and further extracts non-recyclable fibers and polymers to manufacture a renewable fuel that can be co-fired with coal to produce renewable energy while reducing harmful emissions. Repower South holds an exclusive license from Accordant Energy, LLC in its nine state license region for the development, manufacture and sale of ReEngineered Feedstock, for which the EPA has issued a non-hazardous secondary material determination letter. RePower South is able to divert more than 70 percent of a community’s waste stream from the landfill, dramatically transforming the landfill (i.e. cost, life, etc.), improving overall air quality and bringing a community to a near-zero waste performance.

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ReEngineered Feedstock