Sustainable Solutions

We could go on and on about our sustainable solutions…and we do.

But what can’t go on is the country’s current unsustainable approach to waste (mis)management, recycling and landfilling. RPS offers an alternative, advanced recycling, recovery and clean energy for a sustainable waste and energy future. We do this by processing landfill-bound municipal solid waste and recovering recyclable materials not captured by traditional programs. We also extract non-recyclable papers and plastics to manufacture an EPA-designated non-waste fuel to replace coal in industrial and utility boilers. Our fuel is low carbon, clean and renewable, helping to reduce coal consumption and harmful emissions.

RPS transforms waste into two products:


Recycled commodities, such as cardboard, paper, plastic bottles, metals/cans, etc. are baled and sold into established commodity markets.


ReEF™ fuel is created from non-recyclable papers and plastics and is sold as a substitute for coal to industrial customers and energy utilities for energy generation.

What is not recovered is residue sent to landfill and is primary composed of organic and inert wastes such as food, dirt, rocks, glass, etc. We are constantly seeking economically viable alternative uses of these materials to divert from the landfill.

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We can’t deliver everything. But we do deliver the most comprehensive and lowest cost recycling program anywhere.

RPS is a better, more cost-effective way to increase your community’s recycling. In government and politics, it takes courage and leadership to bring new and different services to the public. We are only a “little” new because all we have done is build a better mouse trap using much of the same equipment used in industry for decades, updated to the 21st century.

RPS will provide better service, invest in your community, and create local jobs.

If you want to learn more, contact us and let us explain. Then talk with your fellow citizens, talk with community leaders and let them know there is a better way to recycle more and landfill less at lower cost to taxpayers… it just takes some knowledge, leadership and courage to see things differently..

Interested? Email us for more information