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Based in South Carolina, RePower South is an advanced recycling, recovery and renewable energy company helping communities transform toward a sustainable waste and energy future.

Bulk Handling Systems (BHS), headquartered in Eugene, Ore., is a worldwide leader in the innovative design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of sorting systems and components for the solid waste, recycling, waste-to-energy, and construction and demolition industries.

LOESCHE, headquartered in Dusseldorf Germany, is a world leader in grinding and other technologies for the power, cement, and mineral industry, and their 100% subsidiary A-TEC, has developed and proven technologies to manufacture (mix, grind, and dry) consistent quality fuel from feedstock.

RePower South is the exclusive licensee of Accordant Energy ReEngineered FeedstockTM fuel technology and intellectual property in nine states throughout the southeastern United States.

RePower South’s fuel, named ReEngineered Feedstock “ReEF”™ fuel, is a proprietary, patented fuel manufacturing technology licensed from Accordant Energy and designed to replace coal in industrial and utility boilers.  ReEF must not be mistaken as a refuse derived fuel (RDF). ReEF is an engineered and manufactured fuel.

ReEF fuel is a low carbon, renewable fuel with a consistent btu content, low moisture, and cleaner burning as compared to the coal it is replacing. When substituting for coal, ReEF will result in a significant reduction of most emissions, e.g. Nitrogen-Oxides (NOx), Sulfur-Dioxides (SOx). Due to a significantly lower carbon content than coal, ReEF will also significantly reduce the emissions of Carbon-Dioxide (CO2). Further, a significant portion of ReEF’s carbon is biogenic and considered “carbon-neutral.”

Accordant’sReEF™ fuel was the first to receive the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) designation as a non-waste fuel. This allows our customers to use our fuel without changing their plants’ existing air emission permits.

ReEF™ fuel helps our customers cost effectively reduce coal consumption and meet their sustainability goals.

  • Establishing the community as a world leader in recycling, sustainable waste management, and clean energy generation;
  • Providing a fixed, long term, low cost waste disposal program;
  • Providing economic development that includes green job creation and direct investment in state-of-the-art infrastructure at $0 capital cost to the community; and
  • Attracting new business and growth companies that are searching for environmental and energy-friendly communities.

There is no investment needed by government or taxpayers to transform into a near zero waste-community. RePower South funds all project capital and brings its state-of-the-art infrastructure to the community.

RePower South works with the community to increase its recycling, recovery and landfill diversion while lowering its overall costs. We understand if we’re not lowering a community’s costs, we’re not going secure the political or taxpayer support to proceed.

Upon definitive agreement, siting and permit issuance, a RePower facility will be operational in approximately 18 months.

RPS transforms waste into two products:

  1. Recycled commodities, such as cardboard, paper, plastic bottles, metals/cans, etc. are baled and sold into established commodity markets.
  2. ReEF fuel is created from non-recyclable papers and plastics and is sold as a substitute for coal to industrial customers and energy utilities for energy generation.

What is not recovered is residue sent to landfill and is primary composed of organic and inert wastes such as food, dirt, rocks, glass, etc. We are constantly seeking economically viable alternative uses of these materials to divert from the landfill.

RePower South transforms a community recycling program by expanding recovery across the entire residential and commercial waste stream. Current recycling programs rely on people who don’t always recycle; therefore, a lot of recyclables still go in the landfill. In addition, many community programs do not have 100 percent collection coverage across all residences and commercial locations, adding to the landfilling of recyclables. Because RePower South processes all waste, we recover nearly all available recyclables, regardless of whether people recycle or not, or whether a community program serves a residence or business location or not.

A RePower South facility will neither positively nor negatively impact issues commonly associated with the collection and transportation of waste at or near landfills and/or processing sites.

The community may continue its current residential and commercial recycling programs. RePower is able to process the recycle program materials (in addition to landfill bound waste) if desired.

No, our facility would not accept or process yard waste. The community’s current yard waste pickup, disposal and composting program would continue as it is currently being done.

No, the facility would not accept and process construction and demolition waste. The community’s current disposal program would continue in its current configuration.

Trash haulers will continue to pick up waste as it currently does but would deliver it to our facility for processing instead of the landfill.

A community’s landfill(s) will experience a substantial reduction in the amount of waste landfilled each year, substantially increasing the life of the landfill, as well as reducing the annual capital and operating costs required to build, operate, close and manage landfill “cells.”

Yes, RePower South would accept and process all residential and commercial municipal solid waste (MSW) delivered to its facility (with the exception of construction and demolition waste, yard waste and hazardous waste.)