Who We Are

We think differently.

In 2013, the founders of RPS became a catalyst for change, turning environmentally sustainable ideas into economically sustainable reality. RePower South (RPS) was born to commercialize a new technology that is changing the disposal of waste and generation of clean energy forever. Since then, its leadership has been working with communities in the Southeastern United States eager to recycle more, landfill less, and create low carbon, clean, renewable energy.  RPS has two facilities beginning operations in the first quarter of 2019: Berkeley, South Carolina, and Montgomery, Alabama., two communities with the leadership, courage and commitment to deliver the most sustainable solutions that residents and businesses demand at the lowest cost.

Headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, RPS delivers long-term, economically sustainable recycling, waste recovery, and clean energy solutions to communities, industries and consumers. Together with our technology and equipment partners—Accordant Energy, LLC; Loesche Energy Systems and Bulk Handling Systems—RPS’ mission is to positively impact communities and protect the earth by disrupting the traditional approach to recycling, landfilling and producing clean fuel while creating sustainable, green jobs.

Let’s think differently together.

Committed to tomorrow—today.

RPS offers a comprehensive, sustainable and evolutionary solution to long-term recycling and solid waste management. How do we do it? By recovering more recyclables from the waste stream to bring to commodity markets and diverting non-recyclable papers and plastics to our fuel. This means increasing recycling recovery, driving toward a near zero-waste landfill solution, reduction of greenhouse gas production and creation of a clean, low carbon, renewable fuel…below current recycling, waste and energy cost structures.

RPS Recycling and Recovery Facilities

Commitment to the Community

A partnership between your community and RPS is a win-win. In addition to the long-term environmental benefits, RPS-funded recycling and recovery facilities represent a substantial investment in your community anchored by the creation of long-term, green jobs. Sustainable waste and energy programs are becoming requirements to attract and retain business and satisfy residents. RPS delivers community sustainability and supports local educational programs.

“This innovative approach to recycling is bringing Berkeley County, and South Carolina, into the twenty-first century. This method encourages citizens to do what is environmentally friendly, without the hassle of sorting, proving it is possible to increase recycling efforts in communities.”
Berkeley County, South Carolina Supervisor Bill Peagler

“Our agreement with RePower South will again enable Montgomery residents to actively
participate in enhancing the sustainable practices of our city, reducing the amount of trash that goes into our landfills while simultaneously enhancing economic development and job creation.”
Montgomery, Alabama Mayor Todd Strange

Working together for environmental change.

We don’t do it alone, but we only work with the best.

RPS is pleased to partner with these transformational organizations:

Treasure from trash.

Recycling programs recover some materials but not all… and we can do a lot better. Landfilling recyclables and re-usable materials is now ancient history.

Our facilities mechanically recover from the waste stream recyclable materials that are not collected by traditional recycling programs, including cardboard, mixed paper, plastic bottles, aluminum and steel cans, to sell into existing commodity markets.

We then recover the non-recyclable paper and plastic materials from the waste stream to, under exclusive license from Accordant Energy, manufacture ReEngineered Feedstock “ReEF”TM fuel, an EPA-designated non-waste engineered fuel that replaces coal in industrial and utility boilers.

Accordant Energy has developed this fuel technology over a period of more than 10 years with extensive research, pilot trials, and a full scale trial in a conventional coal fired utility power plant.

Our comprehensive manufacturing process and resulting fuel quality convinced the EPA to approve ReEFTM fuel as a Non-Hazardous Secondary Material (NSHM). This means that industrial and utility coal fired plants can typically burn ReEFTM fuel without additional permits, e.g., without requiring the more restrictive CISWI Permit (Commercial and Industrial Solid Waste Incineration).

Due to a significantly lower carbon content than coal, ReEFTM will also significantly reduce the emissions of Carbon-Dioxide (CO2). Further, up to 50% of the carbon in ReEFTM is biogenic and considered “carbon-neutral.”