Treasure from trash.

Recycling programs recover some materials but not all… and we can do a lot better. Landfilling recyclables and re-usable materials is now ancient history.

Our facilities mechanically recover from the waste stream recyclable materials that are not collected by traditional recycling programs, including cardboard, mixed paper, plastic bottles, aluminum and steel cans, to sell into existing commodity markets.

We then recover the non-recyclable paper and plastic materials from the waste stream to, under exclusive license from Accordant Energy, manufacture ReEngineered Feedstock “ReEF”TM fuel, an EPA-designated non-waste engineered fuel that replaces coal in industrial and utility boilers.

Accordant Energy has developed this fuel technology over a period of more than 10 years with extensive research, pilot trials, and a full scale trial in a conventional coal fired utility power plant.

Our comprehensive manufacturing process and resulting fuel quality convinced the EPA to approve ReEFTM fuel as a Non-Hazardous Secondary Material (NSHM). This means that industrial and utility coal fired plants can typically burn ReEFTM fuel without additional permits, e.g., without requiring the more restrictive CISWI Permit (Commercial and Industrial Solid Waste Incineration).

Due to a significantly lower carbon content than coal, ReEFTM will also significantly reduce the emissions of Carbon-Dioxide (CO2). Further, up to 50% of the carbon in ReEFTM is biogenic and considered “carbon-neutral.”