RePower South in response to The Post and Courier

RePower South in response to The Post and Courier’s March 22, 2019 article RePower South recycling facility will open soon. But environmentalists are worried.

Recycling in America is declining and recycling programs are in crisis. Increasing costs and decreasing recovery jeopardize their survival.

In reality, even with recycling programs, many individuals simply don’t recycle. People aren’t incentivized for or penalized for not recycling. Excuses range from it’s too hard to it’s inconvenient to it’s simply too complicated.

Thousands of landfills exist across the country endangering our land and water and emitting harmful greenhouse gasses—all presenting problems for future generations.

Enter Berkeley County and RePower South.

Berkeley County is leading the way to recycle more and landfill less, becoming one of the leading recyclers in the United States by offering its citizens a simple, comprehensive recycling program focused on recovery and re-use of waste instead of landfilling. Recyclable commodities are recovered and brought to market. Non-recyclable paper and plastic materials are converted into an EPA-designated non-waste engineered fuel that replaces coal in industrial and utility boilers.

Berkeley County understands it’s time to think differently. It’s time to recycle more and landfill less. It’s time to recover recyclable materials bound for the landfill. It’s time to re-use trash, not bury it. It’s time to create low carbon, clean, renewable fuel. It’s time to generate green jobs in the community. It’s time to reduce our carbon footprint. And it’s time to do all of these things with less cost to individuals and municipalities. While other communities across America are decreasing and eliminating their recycling programs, Berkeley County is introducing one of the most comprehensive, effective and cost efficient programs in the Country.

The vision of Berkeley County is to serve as a county “where all citizens can participate in and enjoy a community enriched by sustainable growth, responsible and responsive government, environmental stewardship, cultural opportunities and diversity.” RePower South applauds Berkeley County leaders for taking concrete steps toward the implementation of this vision for both the citizens of South Carolina and the future of our nation.