Resource Recycling September 4, 2019: Mixed-waste recovery: another useful tool, but no silver bullet by Colin Staub

The leader of mixed-waste processor RePower South recently spoke on why recovering recyclables from the trash stream is a good option in certain cases. RePower South launched in 2013, licensing technology that creates a solid fuel from waste materials. The company has been working to advance several projects in the Southeast U.S. Now, the company… Read More »

Waste Today Magazine September 6, 2019: What’s new in waste conversion technology by Steve Simmons

By now, solid waste managers know the overseas markets for traditional recyclable materials have been inverted due to import bans and restrictions put in place by China. To boot, China’s actions are having a ripple effect across the globe as more countries adopt waste and material bans or expand their restrictions. While this is certainly… Read More »

Recycling Today September 5, 2019: Prattville, Alabama, rolls out new recycling program by Kelly Maile

Prattville, Alabama, is on a path to improve recycling. The city is revamping its recycling program with a new partnership with RePower South (RPS), Montgomery, Alabama, with hopes to capture and divert more material from landfill and make recycling easier for residents and businesses. Before, Prattville, along with other cities in Autauga County, provided large recycling bins… Read More »

Recycling Today Nov. 16, 2018: Montgomery, Alabama, recycling facility to reopen in January by Megan Smalley

The city of Montgomery, Alabama, plans to reopen its material recovery facility (MRF) after it has been idled for about two years. Infinitus Energy closed the MRF in October 2015 after it served as a mixed waste processing facility for about two years. Click here to read the full article.

Resource Recycling Nov. 6, 2018: MRF roundup: Developments in three municipalities by Jared Paben

A partisan City Council dispute in San Diego threatens a contract with the city’s MRF operator, and Montgomery, Ala.’s mixed-waste MRF is on the way to reopening. MRF wage conflict: A disagreement over living wage requirements has put at risk operations at a city of San Diego MRF. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports Allan Co., which operates the MRF,… Read More »